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We Were Inspired by Our Dreams.

We have been performing our profession as an intermediary platform in between original branded goods suppliers and wholesalers, agencies or shop owners since 1996.  Our main field of interest is
“Footwear Sector”, especially Sneakers. We have successfully introduced many people throughout the world to branded goods suppliers so far.

We aim to eliminate all concerns of both parties in relation to the pricing phase, production phase, shipment, delivery phases and, of course, authenticityuntil the date both parties meet. Then, you sign trade agreement with the main supplier. That’s our difference…We directly connect you to the main suppliers lest you don’t run around.

Our main suppliers can access all models including exclusive collections for following brands;
Nike, Air Jordan, Converse, Vans, Adidas, Dr.Martens, Tommy Hilfiger, Reebok, and The North Face. Our supply potential is up to 20,000 pairs monthly for each brand. Our suppliers don’t sell retail both online and physically.

We have carried out deliveries in many countries during last decade such as USA, Britain,Canada, Russia, Poland,Spain, Hong Kong, China, Italy, Uzbekistan, Germany, Hungary, Finland, Monaco, and Belgium etc.We are aware of our potential to provide very large and various product range and looking forward to cooperating with our future partners in order to enlarge our coverage zone.

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Welcome! How Can We Help?
Welcome! How Can We Help?